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The Sentinel United Methodist Church has a very proud heritage.  It is thought
that it was first begun in early-day homes and established as a church in 1902.
By the 1908-1909 church year Sentinel had become an established and important
part of the Methodist Episcopal Church South of Oklahoma, having earlier been a
part of the Indian Mission Conference.
The first church building was a farm building and was valued at $4,000 in 1918-19.
By this time a wing and bell tower had been added. This bell was rung on Sunday
mornings calling people to church. The bell now stands in the church yard and is
rung occasionally.
The parsonage was valued at $1,500.  Due to diligence of dedicated pastors and
their wives, many new members were brought into the fellowship of the church.
At this time there were two Missionary Societies with thirty members.
In 1927 under the leadership of Reverend B.C. Perry, a building program was
launched for a new church building. It was brought to completion during the
1928-29 church years.  Due to the financial stress of the great depression and poor
crops, the debt on the new building was not liquidated until 1938.
Music has always been an important part of the worship service, and we have
been very fortunate in having numerous talented people to assist in this
endeavor. The first organ was purchased by Mrs. W.M. Brown. Later it was traded
for a larger one from a donation by a member and was matched by the church.
The first choir robes were obtained by the choir members doing janitorial work at
the church. In the 1970s new robes were purchased and worn for the first time.
Special music presented by the choir has always been an inspirational part of
worship services.
In 1950 a building program was begun for a much needed parsonage. Built with
mostly volunteer labor of church members, the $15,000 home was dedicated with
an open house. New furnishings were also purchased at this time. On April 26th,
1933, the church celebrated a half-century of service in Sentinel with an all day
Plans for a new church building began in March 1966. Reverend G.F. Statser with
the help of his son Wesley drew up the plans for a new sanctuary, a foyer, and
two new classrooms.
The foundation was laid in July 1966. Again, church members as well as Reverend
Statser donated their time and effort to bring this to fruition. Final payment was
made in October of 1969. It was formally dedicated at a morning worship service.
A steeple was installed in November 2000. Lighted at night and with a cross on
top, the steeple stands as a Christian witness to all who enter town.
Through the years, the work of Sentinel United Methodist Church has been
carried on faithfully by many dedicated individuals who have devoted time,
talent, tithes, and energies to it. It is a story of people who have believed in the
birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and chose to serve Him thru
Methodism. In 2002 we proudly and gratefully celebrated 100 years of service.
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